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My name is Juanae Johnson, I am the Executive Director and founder of ITHRIVE Empowerment Inc. For the past 18 years, I have dedicated my career to protecting victims of crimes, specifically those involving crimes of Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

My Story

In 2018, I founded ITHIRVE Empowerment INC, in an effort to support the mission in a different way. ITHRIVE Empowerment Inc. was founded to empower, educate and transform the lives of girls ages 12-25 by assisting them in navigating toward a life of personal freedom and education. I began to look at my life and I recognized the only thing that kept me out of trouble in pushing for greatness was God's grace and the opportunity to be exposed. Exposure is the viewing glass to greater, Through exposure to programs such as Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas, Smith Barney Stock Exchange, and Cessna Aircraft company, I was able to experience life outside of my early surroundings. These experiences shaped my identity and the realization that the only limits that exist are the limits that we place on ourselves.


As I ventured out into the real world, I vowed to create opportunities for young ladies like herself to explore, be enriched, and be exposed to new, amazing, life-changing experiences.


By teaching the gift of entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, and creative expression, you are giving the gift of power. The power to defy the odds, the power to take back the sting of abuse and poverty, and the power to define your future.

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